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CRMRulo helps Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to localize and upload reports to a Dynamics CRM deployment. Translation of literals is done using standard .NET resource files. Once localized, it allows to upload a set of reports to the server with one click. Easily embeddable in the BIDS environment.
Reports found in the specified folder are processed in batch, thus sparing the repetitive point and click experience. Developed in .NET 4.0 in C#.

- Uses standard .NET localization resources to allow Report localization.
- Allows subreports.
- Supports both On-Line and On-Premises CRM 2011 deployments.
- Supports CRM 4.0 On-Premises deployments.

What does it do?

The actions the tool performs are the following:
  1. Searches the input folder for *.rdl files.
  2. Looks for specific resource files in the form reportname.culture.resx
  3. Looks for global resource files in the form reports.culture.resx files.
  4. Parses the reports looking for localizable strings, which have been marked in the following way: $localizablestring$.
  5. Replaces the localizable strings with the translations found in the resource files for each language.
  6. If not present, creates a publish folder for the localized reports.
  7. If not present, creates a publishconfig.xml file to hold information for publishing the reports to CRM.
  8. Connects to CRM and uploads all the translated reports.

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