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In order to run this tool, just copy the exe and dll files in a folder, like C:\CrmTools\CrmRulo You can add this path to the %PATH% variable for convenience.


Run the tool with the following command line arguments:

crmrulo.exe -a [upload|localize|both] [-i inputfolder] [-o outputfolder] [-c connectionname]
  • Parameter action defaults to both
  • Parameter inputfolder defaults to current directory.
  • Parameter outputfolder defaults to relative publish directory. It will be created if it does not exist.
  • Parameter connectionname defaults to crm

The connection to Dynamics CRM is configured in the standard way: open crmrulo.exe.config file and edit the connection string named crm. A sample configuration is provided for both On-Line and On-Premises deployments. You can switch to another connection using the -c argument.

Further information

You can also add CRM Rulo as an external tool in BIDS
See also a report localization sample

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